Chris Cuomo Issues Chilling Warning About Russia: 'We Ain’t Ready’

The CNN host made a dire prediction about the 2020 election as he dissected Robert Mueller's press conference.

Chris Cuomo made a frightening prediction about Russian interference in future U.S. elections on Wednesday night.

The host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” noted that “Russia came for us” in the 2016 presidential election “and they’re coming again, and we ain’t ready.”

Cuomo was speaking about Robert Mueller’s press conference from earlier that day, during which the special counsel reiterated what he’d detailed in his Russia investigation report about the dangers of Russian state-sponsored cyber-attacks.

Cuomo warned “more sophisticated attacks” will “happen again in 2020,” and called out President Donald Trump for denying the threats that have been raised by intelligence agencies, and Congress for not acting on it.

Check out the clip here: