Chris Cuomo Says Hannity Calls The Shots: 'What He Says, The President Does'

CNN host calls Hannity "without question the most powerful person in the media."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo called Fox News host Sean Hannity “without question the most powerful person in the media.”

The reason? 

“What he says, the president does,” Cuomo said on Thursday. “Not vice-versa. What Hannity says, the president does.” 

Cuomo’s guest, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called Hannity a “transformational figure.” 

“We’ve never seen that before,” Cuomo interrupted. “What he says, the president does.” 

Gaetz said Trump and Hannity “have exchanges and robust discussions and they bounce ideas off of each other.” He also said it was good that Trump is getting advice from “a lot of different people.”

But Cuomo wasn’t having it. 

“We could go on all night, as a statement against interest, of how crazy it is that with all the expertise the president is privy too, that he chooses someone like me to listen to about major policy matters, is something that I could really scrutinize all night,” Cuomo said.

“I reject the premise the Hannity is someone like you,” Gaetz said. “You’re very different.” 

“We are different,” Cuomo said, then added:

“But when it comes to what either of us knows about national policy and how to lead and how to govern, we’re both at zero. That’s why we’re on TV and not in elected office. And he knows it. He’d be in public service if he thought he could do it better than everybody else.”