Chris Cuomo Warns Trump Supporters: 'He's Playing You For A Sucker'

CNN host calls out the president's wall as a "farce" and a "ruse."

President Donald Trump’s shifting language on his proposed southern border wall with Mexico isn’t an attempt at compromise, Chris Cuomo said on Monday.

Calling the wall a “farce,” the CNN host described Trump’s wall as a campaign gimmick that was never meant to be real.

Now, the president’s change from a long-promised concrete wall to steel slats just happens to match the bollard fencing already at the border in many places.

“He’s adjusting his ruse to the reality,” Cuomo said, then rolled footage of the fencing already at the border.

“They have been doing this since the last administration,” Cuomo said. “It’s not this president’s idea. It’s not his idea. It’s not his design. It’s not new. He’s hoping you’ll see it as that, but he’s playing you for a sucker.”

See Cuomo’s full takedown in the clip above.

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