Chris Cuomo: Trump Won't Respect The Press 'Even If They Get Murdered'

CNN host calls out "petty and callous" Trump for refusing to honor Capital Gazette mass shooting victims.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo slammed “petty and callous” President Donald Trump for refusing to honor the five newspaper employees shot and killed in Annapolis, Maryland, last week.

Trump denied a request from Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley to lower flags to half-staff in wake of the mass shooting at the Capital Gazette newsroom. 

Cuomo on Monday called that request a “no-brainer” and wondered aloud why the president would deny it.  

“Now, I’m afraid I know the answer, and it’s because President Trump doesn’t like the media,” Cuomo said. “I know that sounds extraordinarily petty and callous, but more facts: Trump is the man who mocked John McCain for being captured during Vietnam.”

He added:  

“And yes, Trump did say that he respects journalists after the mass murder, but why would you believe that? Why would you believe he’s not lying again? I don’t have time to play all the attacks on the media, you know the truth. And now you know even if they get murdered, the president won’t respect the media appropriately. It’s the truth.”

Cuomo also wondered what would happen if the mass shooting happened at a Trump-friendly media outlet. 

“Would he make a different choice?” Cuomo asked. “That might be even worse.”