Chris Cuomo: Tucker Carlson And Jeanine Pirro Love The Hate, They'll Never Apologize

"They get paid for this."

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro to apologize for the hate they spew, CNN host Chris Cuomo warned on Monday. It’s never going to happen because they love the hate.

“They get paid for this,” he said.

Cuomo slammed the Fox News hosts on Monday after Carlson dismissed using numerous racist and sexist slurs on a radio program over the years. On Saturday, Pirro insisted that it was “antithetical to the Constitution” for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to wear a hijab, even though the Constitution guarantees religious freedom.

“Apologize? Are you kidding? They’re not going to apologize. Stop asking,” said Cuomo. “They want to press the divide. They want to attack what most want to protect. And ironically, you give them attention for doing something wrong and they use that attention to say it more.”

This “BS is currency for them. They get paid for this,” Cuomo added. “The base likes their heroes to be base. They’ve seen this president make it to the White House, in part, by doing the same thing.”

Check out Cuomo’s challenge to Carlson in the video above.