Chris Evans' Boston Accent Slipped, And People Were Wicked Turned On

"hearing chris evans’ boston accent come out makes me.. feel things"

Somewhere in the world, Lizzo is currently booking a ticket to Massachusetts.

Twitter users got all hot and bothered when Chris Evans let his Boston accent slip for a total of six seconds in a clip that went viral on Thursday.

In the clip, Evans responds to an “Access” reporter who was asking him about his mustache.

“What do you prefer, mustache or no mustache?” Evans asks in the clip like he’s talking about the Celtics at a Dorchester Dunkin’.

And just like that, the New England inflection became the hottest thing on Twitter.

So, there you have it. Evans has the ability to make not only sweaters, but Boston accents tantalizing. And if you want even more, check out the full “Access” interview, and listen to the way Evans pronounces “Pixar.”

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