Chris Evans Heroically Defends Marvel Movies Once Again

Captain America can do this all day.

Captain America is coming out of retirement for one last job. It turns out Thanos is small potatoes compared to the bigger, more problematic potato threatening the Marvel universe: legendary director Martin Scorsese.

In late 2019, Scorsese gave an interview comparing Marvel movies to theme parks and saying they’re “not cinema.” Though the comments seemingly echoed what the director had been saying for years, this interview was the endgame. The comments assembled defenders on both sides of the argument, with many notable names chiming in.

Now, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is getting in one last word.

The actor recently joined The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast to discuss his career and new series “Defending Jacob.” During the conversation, host Scott Feinberg brought up that, though some consider comic book movies to be “fluff,” they are also a great acting opportunity considering the level of talent that signs on. Evans agreed.

“It’s a testament to those movies based on the caliber that they attract. I mean listen, big-budget movies with big paychecks are always available, and some of these actors don’t touch them. To get the people they get at Marvel shows what goes into it, that it is more than just a theme park ride. It really, really is,” Evans said, seemingly touching on Scorsese’s “theme park” comment.

“We may be a little bit too accustomed to the structure now,” he added. “But I really do think they stand apart. And the caliber of talent they attract is a testament to that.”

Captain America about to stop&nbsp;<a href="https://www.huffpost.com/entry/martin-scorsese-cinema-art-marvel-movies_n_5dc116b
Captain America about to stop Martin Scorsese from collecting the infinity stones.

The actor previously defended Marvel movies in a conversation with Scarlett Johansson for Variety’s “Actors on Actors.” Addressing the idea that superhero films aren’t cinema and that blockbuster movies are pushing out smaller movies from the theaters, the pair reflected on all the different ways entertainment is now consumed.

“I just believe there’s room at the table for all of it,” Evans said. “You know what I mean? It’s like trying to say a certain type of music isn’t music. Well, why bother? Who are you to say that? It just feels like a strange. Same team, same team, same team.”

Sure, maybe you’re all on the same team, but sometimes teams fight. Didn’t you see “Captain America: Civil War,” Chris Evans? You starred in it.

As Thanos might say, future arguments against the Marvel Cinematic Universe are “inevitable.” However, it’s got to be encouraging for fans that they still have Captain America on their side.