Chris Evans Exposes ‘Painfully Transparent’ Reason For Trump’s Racist Attack

The Captain America actor digs into Trump's latest attack on Democratic lawmakers.

“Avengers” star Chris Evans slammed President Donald Trump this week for writing a series of racist tweets attacking progressive Democratic lawmakers.

On Sunday, Trump told several women of color serving in Congress to “go back” to their own countries and has since doubled down on those comments.

“This is racist, Biff,” Evans wrote on Twitter, referring to Trump with the name of the “Back to the Future” bully.

Then, Evans called out the president for “wielding hate and racism” to manipulate his supporters, writing:

Evans, who played Captain America in the Marvel films, has been a steady Trump critic on Twitter. Earlier this month, he blasted Trump’s Independence Day rally with a July 4th message of his own, reminding Americans of the true meaning of the holiday: “courage in the face of tyranny.”

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