Chris Evans On The End Of His 'Captain America' Run: 'My Contract's Up'

There's good news, though: He'll be working with Ellen soon.

It looks like Marvel fans will have to cope with the end of Chris Evans’ tenure as Captain America. 

The action star spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about his future in the popular franchise.

“My contract is up,” he told DeGeneres. “I have ‘Avengers’ three and four. We do three now and four in the latter part of the year and then after that, that is the end of my contract.”

This isn’t the first time the topic has been brought up — previously, Evans has said he’d be open to doing more with his superhero persona. In an interview with Collider in March, however, the actor said that his character’s future isn’t up to him.

“Talk to Marvel,” Evans told Collider. “If we engage further, I’d be open to it. I love the character.”

“Avengers: Infinity War” is currently filming and the untitled fourth installment will begin production toward the end of 2017. Evans is only contracted to play Captain America for six films, meaning between his role in the “Avengers” series and “Captain America” movies, his obligations to Marvel will be over soon and he’ll be open to more roles.

“OK, ‘cause I need you,” DeGeneres told him on her show. “We’re doing a movie together.”

Evans signed on to play the lead in the movie adaptation “Jekyll” in July,  a project that is being produced by DeGeneres. The movie is inspired by the 2007 BBC miniseries of the same name written by Steven Moffat.

“No, I can’t wait, so hurry up and finish those other things,” DeGeneres told him. “We’re waiting on you.”