Chris Evans In A Sweater Is Getting People Hot And Bothered Over Knitwear

Apparently, all you need to know about the “Captain America” star’s new movie “Knives Out” is sweater, according to Twitter.

Captain America is going to help people soldier through winter, thanks to his ability to wear a sweater very, very well.

On Thursday, Anna Menta, a senior film reporter for Decider, posted a very short review of Chris Evans’ latest film, “Knives Out.”

“The only thing I will say about Knives Out is that, upon seeing Chris Evans in a sweater, the girl next to me gasped and said very softly and tenderly, ‘Sweater,’” Menta wrote.

Turns out that the sweater whisperer was Nicole Gallucci, a culture reporter at Mashable.

Gallucci, in her own tweet, elaborated: “There is a scene in Knives Out where Chris Evans is in a freaking cable knit sweater sitting in front of four beer bottles and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Well, it seems that Gallucci wasn’t alone in her reaction to Evans in knitwear. Plenty of other people felt the exact same way about seeing the actor in something so cozy it somehow made him even more alluring.

The mood eventually sparked the hashtag #ChrisEvansInASweater, and people had plenty of say:

Although Evans hasn’t responded to all the sweater lust yet, he seems to have plenty in his wardrobe:

And seems to be a fan of sweater weather in general.

So, be prepared for a very steamy winter, everyone!

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