Chris Hadfield Shares Stunning Image Of Niagara Falls From Above (PHOTO)

Chris Hadfield may no longer be in space, but he's still flying high. On Monday, the former Canadian astronaut tweeted a spectacular photo taken while soaring over Niagara Falls.

Hadfield's image of Niagara Falls gives a bird's eye view of the famous waterfalls that straddle the U.S.-Canadian border.

Hadfield, who is also retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force, appears to have taken the photo while above the falls in a Snowbirds plane. The air force's Snowbirds Demonstration Team, known for its precision flying, puts on sensational air shows.

Hadfield returned to Earth in May after his last, five-month stint in orbit. While aboard the International Space Station, the astronaut made a name for himself with his entertaining how-to videos, quirky tweets and stunning snaps.

He is not the first to shoot Niagara Falls from above. Last month, for instance, a YouTube user attached a GoPro camera to a quadcopter drone to capture a remarkable aerial view of the falls.



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