Chris Harrison, 'The Bachelor' Host, Might Just Be The World's Worst Wingman

Why Chris Harrison Is The Worst Wingman EVER

Ahh, what would "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" be without Chris Harrison?

Hmm, maybe they would produce relationships that actually last ...

The ABC shows' host keeps the emotions flowing as he breaks up cocktail parties and announces the final rose of the evening, but he also awkwardly oversteps his boundaries. C'mon man, do you have to call Desiree Hartstock and reveal that one of her male suitors is a lying cheater? Or do you have to make Andy Baldwin look like an idiot as he forgets to put his car in park? Well yes, we guess you do.

Still, Chris tends to get a bit too involved with the contestants' love lives instead of backing off and letting the drama unfold on its own. Seriously, we never want to hear him sing "On the Wings of Love" again. Like EVER again.

Check out Chris' funniest wingman moments above.

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