Chris Harrison Says 'The Bachelor' Fantasy Suite Has 'Anything You Need To Have Safe Sex'

Chris Harrison Says 'The Bachelor' Provides 'Anything You Need To Have Safe Sex'

Not all "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants decide to go all the way upon hitting the legendary Fantasy Suite, according to host Chris Harrison, but rest assured if they do, they're using protection.

"[It's] always safe, yes. Anything you need to have safe sex, we definitely promote that," Harrison told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd after being asked if the suite contained "a drawer of condoms."

Harrison stayed mum about what else the suite held, saying that "other than that, I think [the contestants] have all the tools necessary."

"I mean, if you need more than that the first time you're together, it's probably not that great, right?" he posited. "You should be able to have fun at least the first time before you bring circus animals or whatever else you want in there."

Chris Harrison's book The Perfect Letter: A Novel is out now.

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