Chris Hayes Says Chapel Hill Shooting Is 'Trayvon Martin Moment' For Muslim America

Chris Hayes: Chapel Hill Shooting Is 'Trayvon Martin Moment' For Muslim America

MSNBC's Chris Hayes delivered a gripping speech Thursday night using the recent shooting deaths of three Muslim students to make a statement about all "senseless" killings of young people nationwide.

"It feels to me, as someone observing this admittedly from the outside, like a galvanizing moment for Muslim Americans -- a Trayvon Martin moment, a Michael Brown moment -- for Muslim America," he said on "All In."

Hayes called the Chapel Hill shooting an "unfathomable tragedy," and said it should be "a wakeup call" for all of America.

"Like the killing of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown," he said, "the senseless deaths of these three young people has struck such a profound nerve and mobilized so many because millions of people who look like those victims are fed up with the routine stereotyping, the marginalization in mainstream media representations and the vilification by political leaders seeking to score cheap political points."

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