Chris Hayes Exposes Fox News' Alarming Reporting On Coronavirus

The MSNBC host hit the conservative network over its "utterly insane about-face."

Chris Hayes on Monday called out Fox News for performing an “utterly insane about-face” with its coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

The host of MSNBC’s “All In” pointed out how some of the conservative network’s most popular hosts — including Sean Hannity, a staunch ally of President Donald Trump ― had started reporting on the public health crisis weeks ago simply “by echoing the president’s line, downplaying the coronavirus, saying it was just like the seasonal flu and Democrats are weaponizing and hyping it.”

But as the number of cases in the United States and worldwide continued to rise, they “then turned around and started saying, ‘This is deadly serious. The president’s got it under control. Also, we don’t like China,’” Hayes said.

Hayes and The New York Times media columnist Ben Smith then picked apart the network’s latest shift in acknowledging the dire situation but calling for the economy to be rebooted, as Trump has appeared to suggest.

Check out the clip above.