Chris Hayes Slams Fox News’ Latest ‘Painful Culture War Idiocy’

"It’s a lie like Donald Trump won the election," said the MSNBC anchor.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Tuesday pulled apart the lie being pushed on Fox News and by some Republicans about renewable energy being somehow responsible for the catastrophic power outages sweeping across Texas during an extreme winter storm.

Personalities on the conservative network have for years pumped climate change denial into the homes of its millions of viewers, Hayes noted.

“This is an awful situation, it’s driven by a complex confluence of factors from extreme weather in an era of climate change to an electric infrastructure that’s been woefully underdeveloped to the idiosyncrasies of Texas aggressively deregulated and independent energy market,” Hayes explained.

“But of course Fox News and other Republicans saw some kind of suffering, some kind of problem somewhere and immediately, without missing a beat, right away tried to turn it into a culture war ― in this case against those damn hippy liberals and their clean energy,” he added.

“It is just a lie that wind turbines, green energy, are the root causes of the problems in Texas right now,” Hayes said. “It is a lie like Donald Trump won the election, a lie like there was widespread voter fraud, a lie pumped into millions of people’s brains as they watch TV. And let’s be clear, this is probably as consequential a lie as any about the election because energy and how we produce it is the single biggest issue this country will face in the medium term.”

“Republicans and right-wing media, they want to take every policy issue and turn it into some painful culture war idiocy,” he added.

Watch the video above.