Chris Hayes Nails 'Cowardly' Fox News For Its Biggest Vaccine Hypocrisy Yet

The MSNBC host spots how the network is quietly doing exactly what its hosts rail against.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes ripped Fox News for attacking the effort to vaccinate people against the coronavirus, even as the right-wing network’s hosts spread misinformation and disinformation “in the most cowardly way possible.”

“It’s not, ‘Don’t get vaccinated,’” Hayes said. “It’s: ‘We’re just asking questions. We don’t take a position. Don’t take medical advice from people on TV. They’re trying to get you to comply so you should not comply.’ It’s like, anti-pro-vax and all while doing everything possible to stoke fears about the vaccine.”

Fox News, he said, has done the same thing about other life-saving measures, such as wearing masks.

“Because fundamentally, the dominant perspective of that network from the beginning of the pandemic has been, ’Who cares if all those people die? They’re old, poor or sick anyway,” Hayes said.

But off the air, Fox News has behaved in a different way. While its hosts have railed against vaccine passports, the conservative network has reportedly implemented its own version of just such a system for its employees.

“Because they do understand the dangers of the situation, the nihilistic cynicism and preening idiocy of its hosts notwithstanding,” Hayes said.

See his full takedown above.

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