Chris Hayes Issues Correction Over George Wallace Error (VIDEO)

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Chris Hayes issued a correction on Wednesday night after his show incorrectly labeled former Alabama governor a Republican.

"A quick and important correction," Hayes said. "On last night's program, we played a soundbite of former Alabama governor George Wallace. The graphic at the bottom of the screen depicted Wallace as a Republican, when in fact he was quite famously a Democrat. We regret the error and we'll be right back."

The correction came after the MSNBC anchor noted the mistake on Wednesday, tweeting an apology and promising to correct the error on air. On Tuesday, Hayes did a segment marking the 50th anniversary of the day Wallace stood in a doorway at the University of Alabama and blocked two black students from entering.

Hayes had called Wallace a "villain" who took a "principled stand for evil." The host did not identify the former governor as a Republican, but a chyron did.



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