Chris Hayes Praises Laura Ingraham For Terrorist Propaganda Comments

MSNBC's Chris Hayes praised Fox News personality and conservative pundit Laura Ingraham on Tuesday evening for her response to a new video purportedly showing Somalia's al-Shabab extremists urging Muslims to attack U.S. shopping malls.

Ingraham said on Fox News that the country needs to remain calm and "clear-headed."

“I don’t think we should jump every time the freaks with the Ace bandages around their faces put out videos,” she told "Fox & Friends."

Hayes played back the clip during his show and applauded the radio talk show host for making such a statement on Fox News.

“Amen, sister,” he said, clapping. Hayes said he was “incredibly gratified” to see Ingraham make the same case about “terrorist propaganda” that he has repeatedly made on his show.

“Everyone needs to keep calm and stay rational in the face of what is obvious emotional manipulation by people who we all agree are invested in our emotional manipulation,” Hayes said, “and who achieve said emotional manipulation in large part through propaganda videos demonstrating their brutal tactics.”