MSNBC's Chris Hayes Calls For Trump’s Removal ‘As Fast As Legally Practicable’

The news channel host said the president "is clearly a danger and threat to the republic" after Wednesday's pro-Trump assault on the Capitol.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is urging the swift removal of President Donald Trump from office as soon as possible after Wednesday’s violent attack on the Capitol by the president’s supporters.

He said that tone of normality as Congress resumes its count of Electoral College votes that affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory is “flirting with ignoring what happened and the pressing emergency that faces the nation right now.”

That emergency is Trump himself.

“The president of the United States is clearly a danger and threat to the republic and needs to be lawfully removed from office as fast as is legally practicable,” he told the network’s Rachel Maddow.

Several lawmakers have already called for swift impeachment proceedings to remove Trump, and there have been editorials calling for Trump’s removal by Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet via provisions of the 25th Amendment.

Hayes said Trump retaining access to the nuclear codes after “having urged essentially his battalions of fascist thugs to storm the Capitol is just very, very difficult to digest.”

Maddow noted that Trump was likely plotting his next attack already.

“Precisely,” Hayes agreed.

“I understand a desire not to run around with your hair on fire,” he said. “But this is very clearly a national emergency that we find ourselves in, and it is slightly bizarre to watch the kind of decrepit proceduralism of the Congress at this moment.”

See more of his conversation with Maddow below:

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