Chris Hayes: Rupert Murdoch Uses Twitter Like A 'Crank,' 'Angry Dude'

Chris Hayes Bashes Rupert Murdoch's Twitter

Everyone knows Rupert Murdoch's Twitter feed can be a bit controversial and sometimes a little (or very) weird, but Chris Hayes said he thinks that the media giant's tweets are just plain cranky.

Hayes called Murdoch a "proud Twitter crank" Thursday night for his tweets that range anywhere from criticizing the president to endorsing Rep. Paul Ryan.

"He uses Twitter like an angry dude who spends all day on conservative message boards," Hayes said. "He doesn't like something, he's hitting 'tweet.'"

Hayes took issue with one tweet in particular, where Murdoch seemed to deny global warming:

Hayes called the tweet "a real zinger," and said that nevertheless, he appreciates Twitter for allowing him to "jack into the unedited thought stream" of people like Murdoch.

Watch the video for the full clip on "All In."

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