Trump's 'Team Normal' Was More Twisted Than The 'Crazies,' Says Disgusted Chris Hayes

White House officials seemed surprised Trump was plotting to do "something illegal with weirdos," the MSNBC anchor observed. "Of course he was!"

Former President Donald Trump’s so-called Team Normal had to be either completely deluded or brainless not to know what their boss was up to with his Team Crazy during the Jan. 6 insurrection, observed MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

The prime-time anchor called out the White House insiders who didn’t join Trump’s plot to overturn his election defeat and said their “bizarrely willful blindness to the obvious truth” was enraging.

Trump’s “Team Normal” members have told House Jan. 6 committee investigators of the team of “crazies” who advised Trump to overturn election results, by force if necessary, to stay in power. But testimony showed the “Team Normal” crew did little to stop the “crazies,” who included Rudy Giuliani, lawyer Sidney Powell and extremist retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn.

Hayes said Wednesday night on “All In” that it’s a “good thing” White House staff, including Trump’s White House counsel Pat Cipollone, resisted Trump’s “attempted coup.” But their resistance fell way short, he added.

Hayes mocked Cipollone’s complaints to Jan. 6 panel members that Trump’s unhinged advisers weren’t “backing up” their baseless claims of a rigged election with facts.

That’s when Hayes said he “almost threw something at the TV.”

“Pat, buddy, bro, my man. Do you know who you worked for? ... Donald Trump ... the most pathological liar I’ve ever covered in 20 years of journalism,” said Hayes, after playing a clip of Cipollone’s testimony.

Trump “wanted to overturn American democracy and declare himself essentially president for life,” said Hayes, directing his remarks to Cipollone. “If you do not realize that, you are either stupid, disqualifyingly naive, or so incompetent you should never hold another job. My God!”

Trump had been signaling his coup plans for months in broad daylight, said Hayes.

So there’s Cipollone saying, “Whoah, how did I get here?” mocked Hayes. It was obvious to “anyone with a brain cell” what was going to happen, he added.

Hayes called it “so deeply enraging” that the professionals, the “adults in the room” at the White House, were “so disturbed, and aghast, and bewildered, and surprised that it turned out the way it did.” The president was “trying to do something illegal with these weirdos,” Hayes added. “Of course he was!”

It’s a “good thing they realized it at the very end,” Hayes said. “But it’s a bad thing it took them so darned long.”

Check it out in the video below:

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