'Utterly Humiliating': Chris Hayes Spots Sen. Ted Cruz's Latest Embarrassing Moment

The Texas senator is still trying to win Tucker Carlson's approval, the MSNBC host says.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tore into Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for again downplaying the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Hayes said it’s all because of an “utterly humiliating” appearance on Fox News in which Cruz had to “beg for forgiveness” from Tucker Carlson for calling the assault a “terrorist attack.”

Carlson, on the other hand, has aired wild conspiracy theories about Jan. 6 and defended the attackers.

Now, Hayes noted, Cruz is going even further to please Carlson.

“Today, he is, of course, out attacking Mitch McConnell, which is the point of all of this conditioning that those folks are up to, hoping Trump or Tucker’s watching, and will tell him that he’s a good boy,” he said.

This week, McConnell described the Jan. 6 attack as “a violent insurrection.” Cruz, in turn, accused McConnell of repeating “the political propaganda of Democrats.”

Hayes said Carlson must be pleased.

“Doing great, Ted!” Hayes said with mock enthusiasm. “Maybe he’ll have you on tonight.”

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