Chris Hayes Has A Problem With 'Inauthentic' Ted Cruz

Chris Hayes Has A Problem With 'Inauthentic' Ted Cruz

MSNBC's Chris Hayes has a few issues with Ted Cruz.

On a segment Tuesday night about the new 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Hayes said that he finds Cruz to be "inauthentic" in his effort to relate to Americans.

"Here's a guy who's running as the kind of folksy populist who has checked every box of the meritocratic elite," Hayes said. "This is the elite of the elite of the elite, and this is the guy who’s going to come to America and say, ‘I am one of you.’”

Hayes cited Cruz's past accomplishments, such as attending Princeton and Harvard Law, working at a fancy law firm and having a wife who worked at Goldman Sachs, as reasons why he maybe isn't like every other average American.

“There’s something about him that I find sort of so inauthentic at all moments, so overly performative," Hayes went on.

The MSNBC host pointed to one moment on "CBS This Morning" when Cruz turned a lighthearted question about his music interests into a story about 9/11.

“Are you kidding me?” Hayes yelled out.

Watch the video for the full clip from MSNBC.

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