Chris Hayes Reveals The Most 'Chilling' Part Of Trump's New Election Threat

The MSNBC host said Trump's election plot is even darker than many people realize.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the November election, which Chris Hayes called “chilling.”

“Just to be clear, if you’re talking to a person and you ask them to commit to behave peacefully and they refuse, they’re threatening violence, right?” the MSBNC host asked.

Hayes said Trump’s comments amounted to openly plotting a coup against the United States.

“It all sounds crazy to say,” he said. “It is what we are seeing. Those are the plain facts as assembled before us. It’s not a behind-the-scenes type of thing. It’s happening in public, in plain view.”

Hayes then went through several election scenarios, including the possibility that Trump wins outright or the possibility that Biden wins in a “decisive, historic, unambiguous rout.”

But, as Hayes explained in the clip above, it was the scenarios in the middle that Trump is trying to manipulate with his voter fraud claims and with the help of Attorney General Bill Barr and the federal courts.

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