Chris Hayes Signs Off 'Up' (VIDEO)

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Chris Hayes signed off "Up" on Sunday morning, thanking his guests, viewers and staff for being part of the show for the past eighteen months.

The MSNBC host was recently promoted to weeknights at 8 p.m. EST His first evening show will be April 1. "Thank you for your commitment to the show and allowing me to learn from you," Hayes told viewers on Sunday.

He said that "Up" fans can look forward to Steve Kornacki, currently co-host of "The Cycle," taking over on April 13. "Up" executive producer Jonathan Larsen will also be staying with the show. The show will keep the "same timeslot, format and spirit," according to Hayes, who called Kornacki a "perfect fit" for the program. "Up" will air reruns for the next two weekends until Kornacki's debut.

Hayes also promised that his new show will preserve the "essential features" of "Up," saying that he will "be going deep on topics" while following the week's major stories.

"I'm still going to be me, and we're gonna have a lot of fun and cause some trouble," Hayes said.

The move, announced last Thursday, raised questions about how the host will transfer his style and format to primetime. As noted earlier, Hayes is known for devoting lengthy segments to policy and topics that usually receive less airtime elsewhere on cable news. His new show will be half the time, while covering the day's major headlines.



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