Chris Hayes Rips Wisconsin Republicans For Risking Voters’ Lives During Pandemic

The Wisconsin GOP seemed to have decided that any deaths from this "ridiculous enterprise" would be worth it, said the MSNBC host.

The Wisconsin Republican Party drew scorn from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes after it forced the state to hold an election Tuesday amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hayes opened Tuesday’s broadcast of “All In” with pointed criticism of the state’s GOP-controlled legislature for going ahead with the vote because, he said, it was banking on low voter turnout to help elect a conservative state Supreme Court judge.

“The situation today is an absolute disaster as a public health crisis, and also as an indicator of the health of our democracy,” said Hayes.

“Essentially, the Wisconsin Republican Party decided that any deaths that might occur from this enterprise, this ridiculous enterprise, from holding an election in the middle of a pandemic, will have been worth it,” he added.

Commenting on images of people standing in line (while social distancing) outside polling stations, Hayes said, “Everyone you see here will have been exposed to unnecessary risk, that’s just the basic fact, inescapable, forced to the polls because state Republicans thought that a low turnout election amid a pandemic would be to their political advantage.”

Check out the clip here:

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