Anti-Obamacare Guest Has Meltdown On Live TV

WATCH: MSNBC Segment Takes An INSANE Turn

It's safe to say Chris Hayes did not see this one coming.

During a discussion on conservative outrage over the Obamacare deadline extension Wednesday night, Hayes found himself in a full-blown feud with his guest, Americans for Prosperity’s Jennifer Stefano.

Things started out on a good note. Hayes pointed out that despite the Republican attacks on the Obama administration, former president George W. Bush also extended the deadline for a key Medicare benefit back in 2006. Stefano then talked about providing her children with health care and Hayes wondered why that had anything to do with a health care extension. But the conversation quickly took a turn for the worst.

"How dare you, like Harry Reid, try to undercut the voice of a woman simply because she disagrees with you," she said. "How dare you!"

Hayes seemed very confused at first, and pleaded with her to "just be honest" about why she really "wakes up everyday and thinks about how to destroy Obamacare."

"You know nothing about me," she shouted. "You have no idea why I wake up in the morning.... You know nothing about me, you know nothing about my family. You don't know if I was born and raised in a trailer park."

"You have absolutely no idea about me or my life," she continued. "I don't care!"

"What are you talking about?" Hayes asked several times throughout the interview, even rolling his eyes at one point.

Watch the video for the full clip.

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