Watch Chris Hemsworth Go On A Date With His 'Elderly' Wife To Confront Fears About Aging

The "Thor" actor described meeting Elsa Pataky, made to look like an 87-year-old woman, as a comforting experience: "You're still beautiful," he told her.

Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, turned the clock ahead several decades as part of a heartfelt, if unconventional, attempt to help her husband confront some recent concerns about his health.

In November, Hemsworth announced plans to temporarily step away from the spotlight after learning he is genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia that progressively affects memory, thinking and behavior.

The “Thor” actor documented the discovery on an episode of his National Geographic docuseries “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth,” which debuted on Disney+ last fall.

“The idea that I won’t be able to remember the life I’ve experienced, or my wife, my kids ― this is probably my biggest fear,” he explained.

On a subsequent episode of “Limitless,” Pataky aimed to assuage Hemsworth’s fears by dressing up as an 87-year-old version of herself with the help of prosthetics, a wig and special effects makeup.

Hemsworth was told he’d be meeting an elderly fan ― but he seemed touched upon realizing he’d been set up with his artificially “aged” wife.

“You’re still beautiful,” he told her.

The scene, which recently went viral on TikTok, has received a gushing response from many of Hemsworth’s fans.

“I keep seeing this video on my TL and each time I stop and watch it,” one person wrote. “True love does exist I guess.”

Another wrote: “This is so sweet and sad and romantic and heartbreaking.”

Hemsworth, who has been married to Pataky since 2010, later described the moment as revelatory.

“What is quite confronting is approaching that age on my own,” he said in the episode. “What makes it less scary is having someone to experience it with. Having people around you that you love makes me feel a lot more accepting.”

On the flip side, Pataky, who is herself an actor and model, said she was left feeling “very vulnerable” by the experience.

“Aging is frightening, especially with women and in this society,” she explained. “It made me think about how much value we give to youth.”

Watch the scene from “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth” below.

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