Chris Hemsworth Donates $1 Million With Family To Fight Australia Bushfires

In response to the fires that have killed millions of animals and continue to ravage the country, the actor shared resources on his Instagram for others who want to help.

Chris Hemsworth and his family are donating a whopping $1 million in an effort to fight the bushfires currently destroying Australia and its wildlife.

On Monday, the actor posted a video on Instagram about his native country and the fires that have been taking their toll since summer.

“Hey there guys, as you’re well aware the bushfires in Australia have caused massive devastation. They continue to burn, there’s warmer weather on its way. We’re really still in the thick of it here,” Hemsworth explained in the video.

“There’s plenty of challenging times ahead and still to come so what we need is your support and your donations,” he continued. “I’m going to put forward a million dollars and was hoping that all of you could contribute in any way, shape or form. Every dollar counts.”

He added that the money “goes directly to the firefighters” and “the communities that have taken a hit.”

Hemsworth wrote in his caption that he placed a link in his profile “to support the fire fighters, organisations and charities who are working flat out to provide support and relief during this devastating and challenging time.”

The 36-year-old joins the likes of Nicole Kidman, Pink and Kylie Minogue in making a financial pledge to help the effects of the horrifying fires.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber managed to rally almost 800,000 people with a Facebook fundraiser, raising more than $22 million (almost $32 million Australian dollars) for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

The fires have taken the lives of 25 people and are estimated to leave more than 1 billion wild animals dead when all is said and done. More than 2,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the nearly 31,000 square miles of the country that have burned. 

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald noted that the fires have produced as much as two-thirds of the nation’s annual carbon dioxide emissions.