Chris Hemsworth Knows 'What Love Is' Now That He Has Kids

"I feel I had just scratched the surface."

We first knew what love was when we saw all three Hemsworth brothers together in one photo, but to each their own. 

According to Us Weekly, Chris, the middle and finest Hemsworth (please don't come for me "Hunger Games" fans), has a much more legitimate reason for discovering love: his children. The actor has three kids with wife Elsa Pataky, though he joked to Australia's Daily Life that it feels much more like six because "each time you add one, it feels like three more.”

The sometimes superhero revealed that his whole life changed once his first child, daughter India, was born. 

“They’re non-stop, active kids," he told Daily Life of India and his twin boys, Sasha and Tristan. "The biggest thing I’ve learned by having kids is that now I know what love is. I know what frustration is. I know the full gamut of emotions, good and bad. I feel I had just scratched the surface prior.”

The family's saving grace? Not living in Los Angeles. Hemsworth, a native Australian, prefers to live in his home country, instead of dodging paparazzi in the States. 

“We have a very normal existence. Here, if someone recognizes you, it doesn’t tend to be as big a deal," the actor revealed. "People are like, ‘Oh yeah, cool,’ then onward with the day. If you are living in Hollywood, people have traveled from around the world to see people in the entertainment business and they’ve got the cameras ready and a bigger deal is made of it. Here, we have a very normal existence, people are very respectful, and that was why we chose to come here.”

Well, it looks like the Hemsworth family doesn't mind the cameras too much, considering the "Thor" actor made his debut on Instagram in October. Although he doesn't post often, he has shared two adorable snaps of his children. 



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