Chris Hemsworth May Be The Most Swoon-Worthy Husband Of All Time

His wife jumped out of a plane, but it's our hearts that are racing.

Chris Hemsworth has once again proven that he is the poster child for marriage, fatherhood, Australia, and basically everything else that’s good in this world.

The actor celebrated his wife Elsa Pataky’s 40th birthday in Melbourne over the weekend with adorable pictures that we would define as goals if the hashtag #goals wasn’t so 2015. 

In a photo Pataky shared, she’s leaping out of a private plane, as one does, while Hemsworth looks on with his arms outstretched. The mother of three joked that her husband was either attempting to catch her or push her out.

Hemsworth also shared an adorable picture on Instagram wishing a happy birthday to the “worlds best wife.” In the photo, he helps Pataky blow out her candles.

And in yet another sweet snap, the couple, who wed in 2010, posed for what could easily be an advertisement for Australia’s tourism department. Oh wait, it probably is ...

So. Much. Love. So. Much. Jealousy.



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