Chris Hemsworth Terrorizes 'SNL' Cast During Opening Monologue

He just wants to be part of the family!

Chris Hemsworth made his return to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and after his opening monologue, we doubt the cast will want him back. 

He opened the episode by flashing back to his first hosting gig -- a mere eight months ago -- with a photo of himself looking, well, exactly the same.

"Oh my god, what was I wearing back then? Such a kid back then! It's crazy seeing that photo," he joked. 

Hemsworth said being at the "SNL" studio is just like being at home, where he roughhouses with his brothers. Naturally, the "Thor" star proceeded to horse around with the cast members as if he were one of them, but we're not so sure they saw it that way. 

First, he gave Pete Davidson a hard hit to the groin, then went on to tickle Bobby Moynihan. Oh, he also hung up Kate McKinnon's phone call with Hilary Clinton and poured water on Vanessa Bayer, who begrudgingly admitted that she'd definitely still "hit it." 

Later in the show, the Australian actor played a cop who refused to get medical help for a bleeding gunshot wound; he also dressed up as a woman to have brunch with some gal pals. 

Check out the whole monologue above. 

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