Chris Hemsworth: You Don't Need Fame To Get Your Butt Into Thor-Like Shape

"Being fit is about motivation and action creates motivation," he says.
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 often gets attention for his 
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 to play buff superhero Thor.  But the 33-year-old Aussie actor takes a hammer to gripes that it’s easier for celebrities to get fit because they have more money.

That’s not true at all,” Hemsworth told Men’s Health in a story posted Tuesday. “No amount of money makes someone else do the work for you. If you can’t afford a trainer, that’s totally fine. Use friends; use anyone. Do a workout in your living room. It’s really easy to jump online to find nutritional plans and workout routines and more. Ultimately, being fit is about motivation and action creates motivation.”

You mean like this, Chris?

Hemsworth said his workouts have extended beyond lifting weights into boxing workouts and more because he felt too bulky the first time he played the Marvel character.

“My workouts are also about being diverse and mixing things up,” he said to Men’s Health. “It’s easy to get bored. If I’m doing arm day, I’ll work in box jumps in between sets. By working in more cardio, you keep shocking your body and you prevent having problems in certain areas.”

That’s all well and good, Chris, but we suspect many of us would be a lot fitter if we had you as a personal trainer.

But for now, we’ll settle for your inspiration.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is scheduled for November release.