Chris Mann Debuts New Video: "To The Moon and Back"

This is the album I've been waiting to release my whole life. I'm incredibly proud of it. Released on May 6th, "Constellation" features twelve original songs co-written by myself and some of the best songwriters in the business. Each song is a special piece of me written over the past 10 years.

To me, they are all shining stars-my "Constellation."

Some of the amazing collaborators I was able to work with on this album include Justin Tranter, dubbed "the hottest songwriter in pop music" by the New York Times for his string of chart-topping smashes ("Sorry" by Justin Bieber, "Good For You" by Selena Gomez).

Together, Justin, myself and Felix Snow wrote the lead single, "Echo"-an epic, energetic anthem declaring that "in the end we are mirrors searching for a are my voice, I am your echo."

I've been thrilled to see the response to Constellation from fans across the world. As an independent artist, I was so grateful to my fans for pushing the album to debut on 3 Billboard charts, the iTunes charts and to #1 on Amazon Vocalist chart.

More importantly, I love interacting with my fans and love hearing their stories how my songs and music have impacted their lives. And I hope that my new video for "To The Moon and Back" will inspire fans in the same way.

I've always loved the expression to love someone 'to the moon and back.' A love so big that it can't be held down by gravity on this earth and so strong that nothing is too big to overcome it. I wrote "To The Moon and Back" with Ryan O'Neal from the one-man-band Sleeping At Last.

'Your love is brighter than the sun. I swear I'll never look away. There's no price I wouldn't pay to be the one.' - To The Moon and Back, Chris Mann

I'm a huge fan of Sleeping At Last's music which is full of poetry and drama, all of which enhanced the vivid imagery in our song's lyrics. I wanted to do an animated video for "To The Moon and Back" for this reason.

There's so many beautiful pictures painted in the song and when put to stop animation it's quite sweet, whimsical and romantic. I hope it makes people breathe deep, smile and love a little harder.

About Chris Mann

Chris Mann stars as "The Phantom" in Cameron Mackintosh's Spectacular New Production of "The Phantom of the Opera" through October 2016 with additional concert engagements to support "Constellation" (solo and with famed soprano, Jackie Evencho) currently booking through 2017.