Chris Matthews Hijacks Alex Wagner's MSNBC Show: 'If You Don't Vote, You're An Idiot' (VIDEO)

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Chris Matthews hijacked a segment during Alex Wagner's MSNBC show on Tuesday.

When asked how he thinks each candidate is faring now that their campaigns have drawn to a close, Matthews moved past Wagner's question and used the segment to scold potential third-party voters.

"Anybody who's watching this show and hasn't voted and doesn't have direct plans to vote is an idiot," he said.

"This is also true," Wagner said.

"Go vote, and then watch this all night tonight on MSNBC," Matthews said, perhaps unintentionally asking viewers who have not yet voted to tune away from Wagner's noontime program. Despite Wagner's attempts to interrupt Matthews, he steamrolled over her.

"If you don't vote, you're an idiot...Drives me crazy. We're going to hear about it tomorrow. The haters all voted, they always vote. The haters will show up. It's the lovers [who say], 'Oh I had to check my email, oh I had to text something, or I thought I'd work out or meet somebody for a drink.' Drop it. Vote. And don't watch this stuff until you've voted...If you don't vote, then I don't want to talk to you. And if you vote for one of these numbskull third or fourth party candidates like Gary Johnson...and then say, 'Oh I was so surprised at what happened.' No, you shouldn't be, because idiots like you voted for third or fourth party candidates, and you don't know how the system works. You have two choices."

Wagner once again attempted to interrupt Matthews but he continued:

"You know that we're going to be talking about this tomorrow," He said. "'It was all about turnout.' Well turnout is what everyone who's watching can control. If you want to participate, go vote. If you want to watch, then go to a different country, because this is the country you're allowed to vote in...It's screwed up so many of our elections, people being so NPR, so PBS, so hoity-toity."

"No, listen," Wagner interrupted.

"No don't do that. Don't play referee. You know it's true," Matthews said to Wagner.

"Time out coach!" Wagner said, before describing the segment as "must see television."



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