Chris Matthews Hammers Guest From Americans For Prosperity: 'Who Pays Your Salary?' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Chris Matthews Hammers Conservative Guest

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Chris Matthews continuously hammered a conservative guest he hosted on his Tuesday night MSNBC show.

Matthews dedicated one segment on Michigan's Republican-controlled House of Representatives passing two right-to-work bills. According to the Associated Press, "Supporters say the laws give workers more choice and support economic growth, but critics insist the real intent is to weaken organized labor by encouraging workers to "freeload" by withholding money unions need to bargain effectively."

Matthews invited two guests on the program to represent opposing sides. When Matthews turned to Americans for Prosperity representative Scott Hagerstrom, who supports the right-to-work bill, the MSNBC host asked why Republicans and his organization are "against unions" and said that Hagerstrom works for the Koch brothers.

Hagerstrom said he does not work for the Koch brothers which led Matthews to repeatedly interrupt the Americans for Prosperity representative and demand, "Who's paying your salary?"

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) was founded by the Koch brothers, and according to the Detroit Free Press, was "leading the charge" for the right-to-work bill in Michigan. The organization also funded Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to effectively end collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.

The exchange went like this:

"I work for Americans for Prosperity," Hagerstrom said.

"Who is paying your salary?" Matthews asked.

"Americans for Prosperity. I came here to talk about the policy and—"

"Who is paying your salary? Who is paying your salary to do what you're doing right now?"

"I just told you. Americans for Prosperity.

"What is that?"

"We've been advocating—I'm sorry?"

"Who is paying you to do this today?"

"I just told you. Americans for Prosperity."

"You're not answering my questions."

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