Chris Matthews Hopes We Didn't Just Elect A 'Dingbat' For President

"There's got to be a pony in this crap pile."

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews provided a moment of insightful comic relief in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory. But many American voters might have trouble laughing.

The political analyst said early Wednesday that he was determined “to find an optimistic notion” that Trump would scrap the antagonism of his campaign and act like a president to build confidence.

He then summed up his concerns about America’s president-elect in quite a colorful way.

“Do the brains that got this guy elected president tonight apply to being a good president?” he said. “I leave it as an open question. I hope there’s some connection. Otherwise we have a dingbat as president.

“We have a guy with no ability to be president, it’s hopeless, with terrible values and incompetence galore, and we’re just into doomsday right now,” he continued. “I’m just not ready to accept that sort of notion right now in my head. I have to think there’s got to be a pony in this crap pile.”

For disappointed voters, the crap’s already hit the fan.



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