Chris Matthews Lists 18 Other Ways To Call Donald Trump A Moron

The "Hardball" host said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's alleged comments were dueling words.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hasn’t denied calling President Donald Trump a “moron,” and that got MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to break out his reference books.

Speaking on “Hardball” on Wednesday night, Matthews said: 

“Moron. Interesting choice of words. According to the dictionary, Secretary Tillerson could just as accurately said idiot, blockhead, dunce, ignoramus, imbecile. Want more? Half-wit, dope, nincompoop, dimwit, dingbat, dumbo, ditz, numbskull, numb-nut, thickhead, jughead, chowderhead, goofus.”

Matthews noted he is not personally calling the president any of those names ― just listing other possible versions of the term Tillerson allegedly used to describe Trump. 

“If these were still the days when men were challenged to a duel ― I almost had that happen to me on ‘Hardball’ once ― we could expect to see Trump and Tillerson meet soon on the field of honor,” he said. 

Watch the full segment above. 



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