Chris Matthews Battles Full-On PUMA Inanity

Chris Matthews Battles Full-On PUMA Inanity

Because today is Catharsis Day at the convention, we figured we better do like Aristotle says in the Poetics and hit you with a double dose of pity and fear so you can purge both your raw, untamed emotion and your hope that life in America will ever get better for anybody. So, to that end, here's a video of Chris Matthews talking to a trio of PUMAs -- women who love Hillary Clinton whilst simultaneously hating the policies for which Clinton has fought. They are the total hot mess of the Democratic Convention.

Watch as they level bizarre accusations at Barack Obama (RELATED: "CNN debunks false report about Obama"), and then refuse to accurately cite the source of their claims. Maybe it was Lanny Davis or something! See, I don't know, and neither do they, but I can tell you, if I had tried to apply the same sort of "reasoning" in college, my professors would have knocked me unconscious and tossed me in a ditch, far from town.

Anyway, if possible, you should burn your computer after watching this. That is all.

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