Chris Matthews Flips Over Debate: 'Where Was Obama Tonight?!' (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews Loses It: 'Where Was Obama Tonight?!'

Chris Matthews railed against Barack Obama's performance during the presidential debate on Wednesday night.

Obama was widely judged to have lost the debate with Mitt Romney, and Matthews looked like he was about to have a coronary on air as he denounced the job the president did.

"I don't know what he was doing out there," Matthews said. "I know he likes to say he doesn't watch cable television but maybe he should start. Maybe he should start. I don't know how he let Romney get away with the crap he threw at him tonight about Social Security."

"Where was Obama tonight?!" he cried, before recommending again that Obama watch MSNBC. "He would learn something about this debate," he went on. "There's a hot debate going on in this country, and you know where it's being held? Here, on this network, is where we're having this debate. We have our knives out. We go after the people and the facts. What was he doing tonight? He went in disarmed!"

Romney, he said, had done his job "just right ... what was Romney doing tonight? He was winning! If he does five more of these, forget it! That's my thought."

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