Chris Matthews: Obama Debt Speech Sounded Like 'A Fox Commercial' (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews had a rather downbeat reaction to President Obama's debt ceiling speech on Monday night, comparing it to a Fox News commercial and doubting it should have been made at all.

"The President used a couple of words we're familiar with: 'fair and balanced,'" he told Lawrence O'Donnell just after Obama finished the speech. "It was like a Fox commercial there. I thought that was interesting. Fair then balanced then fair again then balanced again, over and over again to make a case for his position."

Matthews also compared Obama to the mother in the story of King Solomon who is willing to give up her baby rather than see it killed, whereas he thought Speaker John Boehner was the mother who would let the baby die. He chided Boehner for not always looking into the camera, saying he was staring somewhere "north by northwest" of it instead. But Matthews also said he thought Obama shouldn't even have made the speech at all.

"The President should not have gone on national television to give a political address," he said.