Chris Matthews Warns Of 'War Drums Of Racial Division' At Republican National Convention (VIDEO)

WATCH: Chris Matthews Charges GOP With 'Racial Division'

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Chris Matthews repeated his allegations that the GOP was trying to divide the country along racial lines on Tuesday.

The MSNBC host recently confronted Reince Preibus with similar charges, and accused his party of playing the race card against President Obama. He was outraged over Mitt Romney's birth certificate joke, and false claims that Obama ended work requirements for welfare.

Matthews doubled down on his argument from Tampa on Tuesday night. He warned voters to "be on the alert for the tribal messages, the war drums of racial division" at the convention.

"Listen for the word 'welfare'... the charge that... someone else is getting a free ride courtesy of President Obama," he said. "Wait for warnings that your Medicare benefits are being siphoned off to pay for Obama's health care recipients — another case where the good middle-class family is getting shorted so that poor minorities get something for nothing."

He said that the party's take on real issues like gun control and women's health would cater to interest groups, but that other voters would be treated to "a relentless dog whistle" that "treats black voters with disdain and treats white people like well, well-trained canines."

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