Chris Matthews: Republicans Are 'Treating Women Like They're Not Really Voters'

WATCH: Chris Matthews Condemns GOP Over Key Issue

Chris Matthews bashed the GOP for its take on women in the 2012 election with a claim against the party on his Sunday morning show.

"One of the time warps these days is watching Republicans ignore the simple fact that women vote and are the majority voters," he said.

He replayed footage of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin on the 2008 campaign trail. "With all the progress of those two iconic developments," he compared, "I do think it's odd the way we're talking about contraception — by the way, as if that's only a women's issue, it's a male female issue, obviously — and treating women like they're not really voters."

The Washington Post's Nia-Malika Henderson remarked that Republicans "are forgetting" that support from women voters was key to Obama winning the presidency in 2008, and called the debate over contraception a "surprising development." She also speculated that the GOP nominee would have to strongly consider choosing a female running mate in light of the recent uproar.

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