Chris Matthews Calls Limbaugh 'Underwater Walrus,' Lampoons Dick Morris In Wacky Segment (VIDEO)

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Chris Matthews was on fire Thursday night during a particularly lively segment of "Hardball."

The MSNBC host spent the first half of the segment going after members of the GOP for denouncing recent polls that show President Obama's lead over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

After playing a clip of strategist Dick Morris criticizing the polls on Fox News, Matthews asked, "Why would anybody ever, ever, ever, no matter who pays him—Roger Ailes, whoever—ever listen to what Dick Morris has to say about anything? Especially when he says all the polls, including Fox's own polls, are not to be trusted because he doesn't like the numbers."

Later, he adopted a strange, deep voice and said the show was now going "underwater to the underwater walrus." Viewers quickly learned that "the underwater walrus" was Matthews' pet name for Rush Limbaugh.

He attempted to impersonate Limbaugh's voice, but admitted that he was having some difficulty. He threw in a few gargling noises though, which helped.

After playing a clip of Limbaugh telling his listeners that the polls were "designed to depress and oppress voters," Matthews had one simple question.

"Speaking of depression, where did he get that shirt?" Matthews asked. "It's looks like the devil's idea of an NFL ref's uniform."



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