Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin's 'Scary' Path To 2012 Victory (VIDEO)

'SCARY': Matthews Says Palin Could Win In 2012

Chris Matthews said Tuesday that "for tens of millions of Americans," the scariest three words in the English language just might be "President Sarah Palin."

And he laid out a scenario by which those words might become reality: Palin, running as the "Christian woman" in the Republican primary, could knock out the more secular male candidates to her (relative) left by winning in Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan, the state that Matthews described as "the knockout."

"Anything's possible at this point," Matthews said. "Nominated in Tampa, Florida in a Republican National Convention in an economy that might still be shaky, the political situation in this country becomes frighteningly dicey. All I can say is that I remember how liberals thought Ronald Reagan could never do it. As we learned in 1980, tough times yield surprising — yes, scary — election prospects."


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