Chris Matthews Torches Senate: What Are They Doing Except D**king Around?

The MSNBC host criticized senators for their inaction over the government shutdown.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Thursday took the Republican-controlled Senate to task for failing to deal with the ongoing partial government shutdown.

The “Hardball” host questioned why senators even bothered bringing two potentially shutdown-busting bills to the floor earlier in the day.

“What do you make of this political gamesmanship that’s going on?” Matthews asked former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D). “The public watched the Senate vote today on two measures that weren’t going to pass and everybody knew it. What are they doing except dicking around?”

Hickenlooper said President Donald Trump had “dreadfully miscalculated” his demand that Democrats give him $5.7 billion in funding for his promised border wall and had now “backed himself in a corner.”

“I’m not sure he sees a way to get out,” he added.

Check out the clip above.