Chris Matthews vs. Pat Buchanan On Sarah Palin In MSNBC Round 5

Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan took MSNBC's infighting into Round 5 Thursday afternoon on "Hardball."

When Buchanan mentioned how America should be proud of Sarah Palin as a woman, Matthews asked, "When did you become Dr. Phil?"

"After weeks of crocodile tears over Hillary Clinton, now you've become the foster father of all women politicians," he continued.

Matthews then demanded that Buchanan name a single out-of-line question Palin had received, reminding him of the show's name. When Buchanan cited questions about Palin's family life, Matthews lit up over the Republican right's treatment of the Clinton family life, and a colorful argument ensued.

"What's your problem with strong women, buddy?" Buchanan asked. "The MS in MSNBC should not stand for misogyny."