Chris Matthews Finds It 'Weird' When Husbands Cook Dinner (VIDEO)

Perhaps Chris Matthews just had a momentary lapse when he made the following statement Wednesday evening about how "weird" it is when husbands cook dinner:

I don’t watch television the way most regular people do, meaning most people come home, they’re tired they go in the living room, maybe they watch T.V. while their wife, in some cases, making dinner, or the husband — in some weirder cases — is making dinner.

The statement feels so anachronistic that we aren't sure how to react. Is this 1952? HuffPost Food understands that the stereotype of the wife cooking dinner might still be the norm for many (and that's okay -- if you are a wife and you like to cook then rock on!), but we are way beyond the point of it being "weird" for husbands to cook.

So we hereby declare, husbands of the world, please cook Chris Matthews a delicious meal. It sounds like he could use it, if for no other reason than to be brought into the 21st century.