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Chris Maynard's Feather Art On Reddit Is Having Us Question Our Crafting Skills (PHOTOS)


We like to think of ourselves as master crafters. But our skills were seriously questioned when we saw “The Art Of Cutting Feathers” post on Reddit this morning.

User Likk posted photos of artist Chris Maynard’s work of gorgeous feathers that have been cut and altered into the shape of the bird that had shed them. On his website, Feather Folio, Maynard writes “feathers are a pinnacle of achievement of life in their form, function, and beauty.”

Maynard uses fine-eye surgery tools and magnifying glasses to achieve the extreme detail of each creation. All of the feathers used come from private aviaries and zoos. And while the artist can only create so many, he says there’s a list of ideas he has for these growths. "Some say I am slightly obsessed with feathers. True enough, and I find it a satisfying perch from which to view the world,” he wrote on his site.

Click through our slideshow to see photos of Maynard’s amazing work. Head over to Reddit to see the post and visit Maynard’s website for more information.

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